Hakone Gora Onsen

Gora Hanaougi

Kanagawa, Kanto

Hanaougi is Japanese-Style Luxury Hotel in Gora. We offer you the the time of peaceful and relaxing moment with seasonal view and cuisine.
The corridor is all decorated by Straw Mat called TATAMI. Staying with us must be one of the most elegant experiences in Japanese Custom.

At the soaring lobby, there are 3 chandeliers made by wood. Also,
there is an IRORI Fire Place made by JINDAI-KEYAKI
that is the tree was under the volcanic ash for 2600 year at Akita Prefecture.

The moment that your body and soul would be satisfied is only Hanaougi could.
Hope you experience our special and unique OMOTENASHI
that have come out of Hida.

Gora Hanaougi

Hakone Machi Gora 1300-681,
Kanagawa, 250-0408