YADO is a group of owners of Authentic Japanese-style inns – those who preserve, foster and promote the heritage of Japanese inns around the world. In Japanese, the word ‘yado’ refers to a traditional inn.


Our unique six pillars form the benchmark for defining an authentic Japanese inn. Throughout the ages, visitors have been welcomed to these inns, and the flow from arrival to departure has been perfected like a well-told story.


Throughout Japan, from north to south, traditional Japanese inns exhibit the best of each region. The diversity of climate and culture means that each inn provides a unique experience, rooted in the local culture and history. Designed to complement the surrounding landscape, each inn adapts perfectly to seasonal changes, ensuring a spectacular view no matter what the time of year.

Terroir Cuisine

Fresh, local ingredients bring out the best in traditional regional recipes, strongly influenced by the local culture over the generations, and when matched with exquisite sakes ensure an unforgettable sensory experience. Strong ties with local farmers enable us to continue the traditions of Japanese gastronomy and share the unique flavours of the region. Dinner and breakfast are typically included in a stay at our inns, giving ample opportunity to sample a range of local specialities.

Traditional Spa

The best, most authentic Japanese inns are passionate about preserving an ancient spa culture unique to Japan. Hot-spring bathing has been enjoyed by Japanese people throughout history, creating a tradition from the pure, natural mineral springs abundant throughout the country. In collaboration with skilled artisans, the local landscape and culture are considered along with spa traditions and guest experience to design original indoor and outdoor bathing areas. Such blending of tradition and innovation ensures the ultimate in relaxation.


A great Japanese inn complements the surrounding scenery, blending in almost seamlessly thanks to the harmony created by traditional Japanese architecture. Guests can relax in the peaceful ambience, created by the inspired, ever-changing seasonal gardens, designed to complement the local landscape and vegetation, and the seasonally matched decor in the intricately crafted interior of the inn.


With a focus on the traditional, people are the true heart of an authentic Japanese inn. Often inherited through the generations, the inns reflect the personalities of the owners. The shujin or okami, male or female owner, respectively, leads a family of dedicated staff, expert in local culture and traditional hospitality.


A great Japanese inn showcases examples of local craftsmanship. The dishes used to serve culinary delicacies come from a local kiln, and even a simple sliding door incorporates intricate traditional artisanal techniques. Local artisans are partnered with whenever possible, creating a strong community and a unique experience for guests, whilst ensuring the future of traditional skills and craftsmanship.