There is a way of thinking in traditional Japanese culture called “kata,” which means “format.” The experience of staying in a great Japanese-style inn is different from that of a hotel.

Strolling round town

Explore the town, taking in the seasonal beauty of the local area.

Approaching the inn

Approaching via a scenic route, you will catch your first glimpse of the inn tucked into its rustic setting.

Arrival welcome

As your car arrives at the inn a group of staff members will welcome you with a deep bow.

Make yourself at home

Nakai-san, your hostess / host during your stay, will show you to your room, engaging in pleasant conversation on the weather and local events.

Evening spa

Before dinner, change into a yukata and wash away the cares of your journey in the spa bath.


Make your way back to your room, where a savory dinner, will be served by Nakai-san. Enjoy the fresh, local ingredients and traditional regional cuisine in a private, luxurious setting.

Nighttime spa

After dinner you can return to the spa bath. With dim lighting and the sound of insects in the background you can enter a zone of pure relaxation.


Visit a bar in the inn where you can enjoy sake from local breweries as well as original cocktails.

Sweet dreams

When you return to your room, your futon mattresses will have been set up, welcoming you to a deep, restorative sleep

Morning spa

Take an early-morning walk around the inn and enjoy a morning bath. You will see a different view from the previous evening.


A spectacular breakfast awaits you in your room. Nakai-san can advise you on activities for the day.


Before checking out, you can shop for souvenirs. You will find some of the foods you enjoyed at dinner as well as crafts made by local artisans.


A car will be waiting for you as you say farewell to the Okami. The staff will see you off with a deep bow until your car drives away.