Authentic Japanese Resorts


What makes these inns special? It is a place rooted in a local area that continues to evolve with the times while maintaining its attachment to local history and its own culture. Inn owners and managers are leaders with strong connections to the region. Combining modern luxury, personalized service, and local tradition, each inn has its unique charms and gives a rare insight into the local culture. Embracing scenic surroundings and natural resources, the inns represent the very best the region has to offer.




Chubu & Hokuriku


Chugoku & Shikoku



The thoughts of the owner are strongly reflected in the character of the inns. They take care of the inn’s staff like their own family, and staff members have a deep understanding of local culture and history, and provide thoughtful and personalized service to their guests.

About YADO


YADO is a group of owners of Authentic Japanese-style inns – those who preserve, foster and promote the heritage of Japanese inns around the world. In Japanese, the word ‘yado’ refers to a traditional inn.


There is a way of thinking in traditional Japanese culture called “kata,” which means “format.” The experience of staying in a great Japanese-style inn is different from that of a hotel.


Our unique six pillars form the benchmark for defining an authentic Japanese inn. Throughout the ages, visitors have been welcomed to these inns, and the flow from arrival to departure has been perfected like a well-told story.


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